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In this day and age the internet has become the primary source for both holiday and business travel arrangements, with tens of thousands of people using this medium on a daily basis.

Although only about 11% of the South African population make use of the internet that 11% accounts for about 5.3 million internet users and they closely shadow your potential customer profile.

Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing and the internet has become the new word of mouth for the world. You no longer need months or years for the word to get out there, with the internet it is now instantaneous.

World Regions Population (2010 Est) Internet Users (2000) Internet Users (2010) Penetration (% of Pop) Growth (2000-2010) Internet Users (% of Tot)
Africa 964,669,943 2,114,400 105,631,700 11.0% 4895.8% 5.4%
South Africa 49,109,107 2,400,000 5,300,000 10.8% 120.8% 0.3%
Asia 3,834,792,852 114,304,000 825,094,396 21.5% 621.8% 42.0%
Europe 813,319,511 105,096,093 475,069,448 58.4% 352.0% 24.2%
Middle East 212,336,924 3,284,800 63,240,946 29.8% 1825.3% 3.2%
North America 344,124,450 108,096,800 266,224,500 77.4% 146.3% 13.5%
Latin America/Caribbean 592,556,972 18,068,919 204,689,836 34.5% 1032.8% 10.4%
Oceania/Australia 34,700,201 7,620,480 21,263,990 61.3% 179.0% 1.1%
WORLD TOTAL 6,845,609,960 360,985,492 1,966,514,816 28.7% 444.8% 100%
Penetration (% of Population) Internet Users (2010)
Internet Graph Internet Graph

Thanks to Internet World Stats

  • There are no commissions payable on bookings
  • You deal directly with the client. We provide full contact details along with your website address (if applicable)
  • You have complete control of your advert 24/7 through our management section and all changes / updates are live so the changes you make will take immediate effect. You can:
  • Update your photos
  • Manage your specials
  • Change contact and accommodation information
  • Change your pricing
  • We continually monitor and update our site to keep up with the continuing changes in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) arena
  • We have a highly motivated team who are able to assist you when required
  • We have a pay per click campaign so that we stand out amongst the crowd
  • Our website has been developed around our in house intellectual property as well as extensive research done prior to development. One of our primary objectives was to improve the user experience by simplifying the process. Your potential customer no longer has to click between many pages to get the information they require, it's all on ONE page. Clean, simple, quick and efficient

We believe that the pricing structure in the market at the moment is excessive. We're here for the long haul and we believe that the pricing reflects this.

  •   6 Months – R 534.00 (which equates to R 89.00 / month)
  • 12 Months – R 828.00 (which equates to R 69.00 / month)
  • 24 Months – R 1,416.00 (which equates to R 59.00 / month)

Should you have a special requirement that falls outside the scope of our structure then please send us a mail and we'll do everything in our power to assist you.

Listing your accommodation with AccommodationZA is very easy and can all be done online.

  1. Fill out all the information on the List Your Accommodation page
  2. Upload up to 5 images. (Remember first impressions count, especially on the internet. People will be swayed negatively or positively based on your images so use the best images you can get your hands on)
  3. Pay for the contract period you've opted for. (please ensure that you quote the invoice number when making payment as our systems are automated to recognise this number)
  4. Our system will then match the payment and activate your account.

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